Smartfitt™ Pro | fitness tracker
Smartfitt™ Pro | fitness tracker
Smartfitt™ Pro | fitness tracker
Smartfitt™ Pro | fitness tracker
Smartfitt™ Pro | fitness tracker
Smartfitt™ Pro | fitness tracker

Smartfitt™ Pro | fitness tracker

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Watch received

Excellent product very good communication!

I really recommend this Smartfitt Pro watch

I have really enjoyed my experience with this fitness tracker over the last week. I have been wearing it for over five days and the charge is just now getting low. I also love the display, step counter, and heart rate monitor.

+ it's beautiful
+ keeps a charge for many days
+ Easy to use
+ automatically illuminates when you raise your wrist
+ app is easy to use and time syncs immediately
+ ability to see your messages and find your phone
+ I love the way it closes

Helpful and worth the purchase price

The fitness tracker has a lot of great features. It tells time, keeps track of your steps (measured by the swing of your arm), keeps track of your heart rate (which seems pretty accurate) and you can use it to check your blood pressure. There is a stopwatch feature and a sports feature that can be used when you exercise. It even tracks your sleep. One nice feature is that the bracelet can be used to find your phone if you need to. It can also be used to take photos by shaking your wrist, which is great for taking selfies. You can also set the bracelet to SMS alert which shows you text messages as they come in.

The app, WearHealth, keeps track of historical data and it can be used to start the sports setting or check your blood pressure and heart rate.

A fully charged bracelet lasts 5-7 days. All in all I’m finding the fitness tracker to be helpful and worth the purchase price.

Works for me!

I was looking for something not to bulky and with some style. Top of my list was a reasonable price, as I wasn't sure I would like it. Watch is easy to use along with app on my phone. Set up took 5 minutes. All the features work. Battery last about 6 days.
Good buy for this price point.

Great value for money and looks cool.

This device is quite elegant. It functions as listed and is easy to charge. The App was easy to find, download and sync. It measures my steps accurately and is a great way to keep an eye on blood pressure and heart rate. Impressive.